Here are the top reasons why you should consider an online tutor for your child

10 reasons why online tutoring is better than face-to-face tutoring

With remote learning becoming more and more commonplace across Australia, you may wondering whether online tutoring offers the same learning experience as in-person tutoring. For many years, tradition face-to-face tutoring has always been the preferred method, with many tutoring centres and in-house tutors a common occurrence. However, with digital technologies revolutionising the way students learn both in the classroom and at home, online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular. Here are our top 10 reasons why online tutoring is recommended over face-to-face tutoring.


1. Convenience

Enjoy the utter convenience of online tutoring with hassle-free session scheduling options. Simply choose a time and day that best suits your lifestyle! Most online tutoring services offer sessions 7 days a week, from early morning to late in the evening. For example, our sessions can be booked any time from 6am to 9pm, 7 days a week.

Avoid the inconvenience of having to travel or arrange an in-house tutor – simply learn from the comforts of your own home. Online tutoring sessions can be easily rescheduled or cancelled when life gets busy or when you have other commitments. No need to download any software or purchase equipment – all you’ll need is a laptop/computer or tablet, a good internet connection as well as both webcam and microphone functionality.


2. Comfortable enviroment

Not only is online tutoring a more convenient option than face-to-face tutoring, but it also promotes a healthy and comfortable learning environment for students to thrive. Learn from the comfort of your own home and remove the stress of having to adapt to a new environment such as a tuition centre.

3. Covid-safe

Online tutoring is a safer option than face-to-face tutoring, especially when the risks of COVID-19 are considered. Not only will you get peace of mind from your child learning in the safety of their own home, but you can rest assured that the risk of COVID-19 will be minimal. Enrolling your child in an online tutoring program, for example one of the programs offered here at No Nonsense Tutoring, is the safest and most secure choice for parents and guardians who want to best protect their children.

4. Less expensive

Cost is an important factor when considering a tutor for your child and you may be wondering if your budget will impact the quality of the tutoring your children experience. Luckily, online tutoring services like No Nonsense Tutoring offer affordable and budget friendly high quality tutoring sessions taught by professional and experienced tutors, all of which have passed our extensive background checks. Our dedicated tutors are subject matter experts, high ATAR achievers and skilled educators with valid Working With Children Checks (WWCCs). Hence, you can enrol your child in one of our affordable tutoring programs without comprising on quality of education.

5. Develops remote learning skills

Another upside of online tutoring is that it helps develop students’ remote learning skills through the use of online video conferencing platforms and tools. Being able to study online and communicate with people virtually, are both essential skills for students to learn and become familiar with.

6. Suitable for all learning styles

Online tutoring is suitable for wide range of student abilities and addresses the 3 main learning styles – visual, auditory, as well as verbal. Due to the personalised nature of online tutoring, sessions can be modified to present ideas and theories graphically or can focus on the use of clear explanations and discussions to convey important concepts. Students who are reading and writing learners can make use of interactive whiteboard tools, such as text and pen tools to learn effectively.

7. Food and drink friendly

Unlike face-to-face tutoring and tuition centres, online tutoring has no restrictions or rules regarding consuming food or drink during sessions. Students are welcome to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner during their online tutoring sessions, depending on the session time. They are also free to snack or drink. Allowing students to eat or drink whilst in a session greatly reduces irritability and improves concentration – students learn better and are more attentive when they are not hungry or thirsty!

8. Less distractions

With most online tutoring services offering one-on-one sessions via a secure online video conferencing platform, it’s no surprise that students are less distractive and more attentive during online tutoring sessions compared to traditional face-to-face sessions.

9. All learning materials provided

Not keen on having to supply learning materials such as schoolbooks, assessments or homework? Well, online tutoring removes the hassle of having to do just that with most online tutoring services, such as No Nonsense Tutoring, providing all learning materials via a secure online platform. During each session, we provide students with all the relevant learning materials and coursework developed by our team of expert tutors and educators. All our content is aligned with the updated Australian curriculum.

10. Expert help wherever you live

Online tutoring removes the barrier of getting access to highly skilled tutors based on your location – access tutors from anywhere in Australia. Face-to-face tutoring limits your selection of expert tutors, as you can only select tutors who are in close proximity to where you live or choose a tuition centre that is within a decent travelling period. Access to subject-specific tutors or qualified tutors will be dependent mainly on where you live. However, online tutoring provides easy access to a large number of professional, skilled, and expert tutors, all of whom you are free to select based on your child’s individual needs.

No Nonsense Tutoring will provide you access to a wide range of highly skilled, expert tutors who will develop a personalised learning program for your child and tailor the tutoring specifically to their needs. Contact us today to discover our personalised learning programs, or enrol in one of our unique programs and get expert help now by clicking here.

By Kirallie H, Bsc (Honours), BMath, BSc.