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Personalised Online Maths Tutoring for Primary, Secondary and Senior Students

We offer personalised learning programs for students in the Foundation Level (Kindergarten/Prep) all the way through to Year 12. Our learning materials have been developed by our team of professional and experienced tutors, and are aligned with the updated Australian curriculum

online maths tutoring

Number & Algebra

The number and algebra strand of the Australian curriculum involves learning how to represent numbers and apply a range of computation strategies. Students learn the order of operations and how to apply these operations, as well as learn about the magnitude and properties of numbers. Patterns, algebraic notation and functions are covered, and students learn how to determine relationships and formulate generalisations. Equations and inequalities are also taught.

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Measurement & Geometry

In the measurement and geometry strand of the Australian curriculum, students develop an understanding of size, shape, relative position and movement of both 2D figures and 3D objects. Students learn how to define, compare and create figures and objects, as well as how to structure geometric arguments. Metric units of measurement are also covered.

online maths tutoring

Statistics & Probability

The statistics and probability strand introduces students to data sets and how to represent, summarise and interpret data using appropriate visuals. Students learn how to calculate both theoretical and experimental probabilities, as well as how to critically evaluate chance and data concepts.

Expert Tutors

Our tutors are subject matter experts, skilled educators and university graduates.

Flexible Booking Options

Book a session 7 days a week, from 7am to 9pm.

Why Choose us?

We build confidence

Our tutors guide students through even the most difficult concepts and topics, allowing students to realise they can tackle questions they never thought possible. After each maths tutoring session, students will experience an increase in confidence and ability - boosting their overall performance and grades

We assist with structure and organisation

We help students develop a sense of structure to their schooling schedule, guiding them to create effective study plans and stay on track with their schooling.

We offer flexible session options

We understand the busy lifestyles of Australian families and are very flexible with session times. Enjoy the convenience of our online sessions by scheduling at a time and day that best suits your lifestyle. We are more than happy to reschedule or cancel sessions depending on students’ needs.

We make learning fun

Learning mathematics should be fun, exciting and engaging. We’re here to take the stress out of mathematics by introducing a personalised tutoring plan that will integrate with any school program alongside one-on-one tutoring sessions, allowing for an exciting and seamless schooling experience.

We have professional mathematics tutors

Our tutors have many years’ experience as educators and have tertiary qualifications in mathematics. Maths is a subject that can be difficult and daunting at times. However, our friendly tutors are here to make learning mathematics a fun and enjoyable experience.

Discover how our tutoring methods can help you!

Personalised Online English, Mathematics & Physics Sessions Foundation – Year 12

Based on 6 reviews
Robert Petrov
Robert Petrov
Excellent tutors and very professional.
Patricia Lleras
Patricia Lleras
My son who is 9 years old had a wonderful experience with Non sense Tutoring. Anna was very patient with my son, and she was very clear and engaging with her activities. Mariano really enjoyed her tutoring time with Anna. She is very professional, at the end of the sessions she explained in detail what are my sons areas of improvement and which are the ones he is doing ok.
Citizen 2020
Citizen 2020
Great service, easy to set up and very responsive to what we needed for the kids. Both our kids enjoy the sessions and find the online delivery works for them.
Leonie Keep
Leonie Keep
A fantastic organisation, with incredible staff! They have a genuine passion for fostering confidence and academic growth, while being flexible and supportive to our daughter's needs. Since working with Anna, our daughter has developed a newfound confidence in her approach to her education and is motivated to learn. We would highly recommend working with Anna and her team.
Mathew Ryan
Mathew Ryan
My girls love being tutored by Anna and Kirallie. Anna and Kirallie have really boosted my girls confidence in maths by the way they teach and make it easy to understand. Thanks Anna and Kirallie
Laura-Anne Bull
Laura-Anne Bull
My daughter has been receiving tutoring for year 11 maths and physics. Her confidence in both subjects has increased significantly and most importantly she looks forward to her sessions every week. I’m delighted with the engaging approach taken to online learning and would highly recommend!