Year 10 Maths

Year 10 maths focuses on preparing students for senior maths studies. It is a vital year for maths students. During year 10, students will deepen their understanding of secondary maths as well as begin learning the advanced concepts and skills required to succeed in Years 11 & 12.

Our personalised online sessions cover every aspect of the Year 10 Maths Australian curriculum and are specifically tailored to suit your needs.

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Our Year 10 Maths Programs Are Fully Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

No Nonsense Tutoring specialises in providing support and expert tuition for Year 10 students across Australia. Our team of expert and professional tutors are here to help and guide you on a path to success! We ensure each Year 10 Maths session aligns with the updated Australian curriculum so you can rest assured you’ll be learning the same content as in school.

During each Year 10 Maths session, you will have access to a range of learning materials and worksheets, which have been specially curated by our team of expert and experienced tutors. We structure the tutoring sessions to suit you – focus on a specific topic or the whole syllabus!

We've Got the Whole Year 10 Maths Curriculum Covered

Master the Year 10 mathematics curriculum with our personalised learning materials and worksheets, fully aligned with the updated Australian curriculum. Get expert guidance and support from one of our professional and experienced tutors.

Number & Algebra

Financial Maths

Patterns & Algebra

Linear & non-linear relationships

Measurement & Geometry

Units of Measurement

Geometric Reasoning

Pythagoras & Trigonometry

Statistics & Probability


Data Representation

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We Ensure Each and Every Tutoring Session is Personalised

Our Year 10 Maths programs are fully aligned with the updated Australian curriculum and have been created by our AWESOME team of skilled and experienced tutors, all of whom have an extensive knowledge base of the national secondary maths curriculum. All our tutors have many years’ experience as educators and have tertiary qualifications.

After your child’s initial session, their tutor will develop a personalised learning program which will be tailored precisely to your child’s current skills and abilities. We cater to every students’ academic requirements and can develop programs to help students get up to speed at school, keep their grades steady or excel above their current year level.

We offer dynamic learning programs that will evolve over time to best suit your child’s individual learning skills and academic requirements.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Tutoring has never been more convenient with our flexible scheduling options.

Discover the benefits and brilliant convenience of online tutoring. Select a time and day that best suits your lifestyle, from 6am to 9pm – 7 days a week. Learn from the comfort of your own home and avoid the inconvenience of having to travel or arrange an in-house tutor. Easily reschedule or cancel a session when life gets busy or there’s other commitments. No need to download any software or purchase equipment – all you’ll need is laptop/computer or tablet, a good internet connection as well as both webcam and microphone functionality.

Our Tutors

Our secondary maths tutors are passionate and enthusiastic about helping students grasp difficult concepts and become fluent with the Year 10 Maths curriculum. Our tutors strive to ensure students perform to the best of their abilities, and are confident with all aspects of numeracy for their year level.

Every tutor possesses a valid Working With Children Check (WWCC) and has a proven track record of student success. We ensure all our tutors are of the highest professional standard by performing one-on-one interviews and extensive reference checks.

Why Choose us?

We build confidence

Our tutors guide students through even the most difficult concepts and topics, allowing students to realise they can tackle questions they never thought possible. After each Year 10 Maths session, students will experience an increase in confidence and ability - boosting their overall performance and grades.

We assist with structure and organisation

We help students develop a sense of structure to their schooling schedule, guiding them to create effective study plans and stay on track with their schooling.

We offer flexible session options

We understand the busy lifestyles of Australian families and are very flexible with session times. Enjoy the convenience of our online sessions by scheduling at a time and day that best suits your lifestyle. We are more than happy to reschedule or cancel sessions depending on students’ needs.

We make learning fun

Learning Year 10 mathematics should be fun, exciting and engaging. We’re here to take the stress out of mathematics by introducing a personalised tutoring plan that will integrate with any school program alongside one-on-one tutoring sessions, allowing for an exciting and seamless schooling experience.

We have professional mathematics tutors

Our tutors have many years’ experience as educators and have tertiary qualifications in mathematics. Year 10 Maths is a subject that can be difficult and daunting at times. However, our friendly tutors are here to make learning mathematics a fun and enjoyable experience.

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