Trying to decide if your child needs some additional academic support in the form of a tutor? Read on to find out more.

primary school boy learning online

A common question asked by parents is: Does my child need an online tutor? Good, solid, early education is crucial to the development of your child, giving them the tools required to become independent learners and achieve success.

That’s why it’s so important to give them the opportunity to experience the best education they need. However, not all students learn at the same pace and some may have difficulty understanding certain subjects and content while others do not. Don’t be alarmed; this is completely normal and all part of the learning process, we assure you. Most of the time all they need is a little confidence and knowledge boost to kick-start their education. In this post, we’ll outline a few things to look out for, and how you can help your child get back on track.

Firstly, if your child doesn’t appear distressed or anxious, and their grades are remaining steady, then there isn’t too much to worry about. But if you feel the need for improvement or would like exam help, and your child is happy to do so, then a little support and assistance from tutoring would be extremely beneficial. Tutoring also comes with the added bonus of improved confidence, which can lead to better grades and overall increased morale.

Tell-tale signs your child is falling behind

Sometimes though, students will experience a drop in their learning ability and begin falling behind. This may be caused by a number of factors, including distraction during class, loss of interest, or a lack of understanding. A change in mood and behaviour may become apparent too and will be more and more evident as time goes on. A student who is having trouble with their school studies may also be reluctant to speak about it, causing shyness and timidity to become dominant, and in turn low confidence.

If your child is showing any of these signs, it is the time for you to act and consider a tuition program to give your child a boost. This prevents unwanted hesitation and ultimately lessens unnecessary stress, allowing your child to begin moving in the right direction.

Why online tutoring?

Online tutoring has become an extremely popular way of conveniently receiving top quality tuition from the comforts of your own home. Students feel more relaxed, are able to stay focused more easily and can have fun while feeling safe in their secure environment. Students may also experience a boost in confidence and self-esteem, two important aspects vital for optimal learning and memory retention.

Tutoring online is also extremely easy, with quick set-up and little hassle; travel time and stressful factors such as traffic are eliminated, allowing your child to start learning stress free. If you are trying to decide between an online or face-to-face tutor, read our informative post here.

Does my child need an online tutor

So, is an online tutor right for my child?

This is a question purely based upon personal opinion; it is a very subjective matter. If you can see noticeable changes in your child’s mood, or your child might be a little quieter than usual, then this may be a sign that they may be struggling at school or suffering from the negative implications of poor grades. Of course, this may be from other sources, and it may not be entirely to do with school grades.

If you’re worried, you might consider a tutoring program to see if your child improves, or if their overall school performance improves. Remember, tutoring can help increase confidence, so this may prompt them to become more open about their concerns or struggles, allowing you to discover the source of the problem sooner rather than later.

Ultimately, whether or not you choose to commence online tutoring is up to you. If your child seems happy and is getting through the work with relative ease, then there’s not much to worry about. But if your child is visually displeased and uncomfortable and is generally quiet and not being themselves, then we strongly recommend you consider tutoring for your child.

Recognising the issue before it worsens is very important, and taking appropriate action has never been easier thanks to the wonders of modern technology – online tutoring. The fast and reliable nature of online tutoring has helped thousands of students across Australia achieve their absolute best and get back on track.

And remember, with the past lockdowns and current disruptions, many students have been impacted by their ability to learn effectively and study from home. That’s why we strongly recommend tutoring for a student who is struggling with schoolwork or simply if they want to keep up and excel at school. In just a few weeks, online tutoring can help boost students’ confidence. Students are more relaxed and happier, and they are able to learn at a much faster pace.

So, if your still concerned for your child’s education and future, then look no further than No Nonsense Tutoring. With our personalised learning programs and experienced tutors, your child will start performing at their very best in no time! Contact us today to discover how we can help!

By Kirallie H, Bsc (Honours), BMath, BSc.